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Our Staffing Solutions

Permanent Staffing Solution

Ragan Infotech is one of the leading Staffing agencies in India. Ragan Infotech provides the full spectrum of staffing services for highly qualified individuals to meet the requirements of the small, large-scale companies to the Fortune. Our solution helps organizations to work on major gaps in their manpower demands that normal or temporary staffing cannot meet. Ragan Infotech's Permanent Staffing solution fill the gaps of the requirement and acquire top individual on a full-time basis or change a departing employee. With the help of highly experienced experts who are very well-seasoned in handling any staffing requirements for our clients. The benefits of having us as a partner Are we take care at all later stages as well which is post-offer follow-up. With the help of highly experienced experts who are very well-seasoned in handling any staffing requirements for our clients. The benefits of having us as a partner Are we take care at all later stages as well which is post-offer follow-up.

Benefits of Ragan Infotech Permanent Staffing Solutions
  • Best & High-Class Hiring Quality with Specialists

  • Lower Hiring Expenses and Time Efficient Process

  • Real Time Updates and Tracking

  • Greater Flexibility with Zero or minimal Iteration

  • Lower the administrative Burden

  • Minimal Risk, High Commitment with Greater Satisfaction

  • Great Value Addition & Longer Retain Period

Contractual Staffing Solution

Ragan Infotech Contractual staffing is a system of recruiting employees who fulfill our client's needs on a short-term basis. Clients hire employees on a contractual basis for a specific time instead of hiring them as permanent employees. This solution provides a wide range of flexibility it provides to our clients and provides highly qualified individuals for seasonal contracts, short terms contracts, or part-time contracts. We are experts in creating these contracts between companies and individuals or between or companies and many businesses have started liking this solution as it provides benefits both ways. Employees get to work more freely and more flexibly and can get contractual staffing for a 6/12/24 Months basis as per the client's requirement.

Kinds of Contractual Staffing Solution
  • Part-Time Contract

  • Fixed-Term Contract

  • Zero-Hour Contract: On-Call Basis

Ragan Infotech's Contractual Staffing Benefits To Companies & Individuals
  • Quick Recruitment

  • Cost & Time-Saving Benefits to the organization

  • Multi-Location Recruitment

  • Lower Employee Risk

  • Higher Specialized Skills at a Lower cost

  • Access to a Bigger and larger Talent Pool of Individuals

  • Multiple Contracts option like – Short Term/Part Time /Zero Hour etc

  • Much More Employee Flexibility

  • Employee’s opportunity to earn more money and better work experience with a variety of companies

  • Lesser workload and better work-life balance

  • Timely Payout to the employee with better and Quick Results

Our HR Solutions

Ragan Infotech's HR solution helps clients to hire top talent across the nation and helps companies to grow faster and better. We are here to elevate your hiring processes. We are best known for our On-Time & On-Budget Contract Implementation, and with the blend of our experts, technologies & right tools, we ensure that you get the right talent on board.

Application Development

Ragan Infotech’s Mobile Application Development

Ragan Infotech is one of the leading players in the market for providing great mobile ...

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Why To Invest Mobile Application Business Solution

Mobile Solution will increase customer engagement and loyalty

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Ragan Infotech Mobile Application Solution Benefits To Your Business

Do Detailed Analysis & Strategize Your Solution

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Ragan Infotech Mobile Application Working Model/Process

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UI/UX Design Services

Ragan Infotech UI/UX Design Services

We need to learn first what exactly is UI” stands for ?

It is a “user interface”. This is associated with growing with better graphics and layout of any platform. UI majorly involves visual elements such as Buttons, Fonts, Layouts, personas, animation, and also every single detail that makes the mobile application or any website looks more lively and interesting. UI can help the user bring more interest in interacting with the application for the end user. A better and simple UI adds more delight and happiness to the user experience of the end user.

Now let’s understand what is UX stands for ?

“UX” stands for “user experience”. It is all about the user’s interaction with the application. It decides the experience of the user –if it is good to carry out each of the required functionality. The UX designer has the priority to make the users feel that they are accomplishing their tasks without any challenges. There is a misconception that UI/UX design is the same. But UI and UX actually focus on two different aspects. The UI design is the approach to product design, on the other hand, UX design is the experience of the product.

ODC Solutions

What is ODC – Offshore Development Center ?

  • With our ODC solution, we can provide quicker, low cost, more efficient solution to grow your business output and manage your business operations.
  • Ragan Infotech ODC is an extended and integrated and specific offshore team which can guide and help other companies which are based in another location/country.
  • This model is use big time for many businesses process and offering such as software development and maintenance, testing, project management and customer services
  • Ragan Infotech ODC model will help IT Companies for design, development and testing of their products
  • This way our expert team can help companies to deploy their products much quicker while keeping the cost, development time, infrastructure cost to minimum
  • Ragan Infotech ODC team will include key individuals such as Account Manager, Project Manager, Designers & Developers, Test Engineers, Usability Engineers..

Accounting Solutions

Ragan Infotech mission is to help its customers to successfully maintian financial viablitity while taking 360 Degree approach to achieve the goals. With our open communication process, high class research, and better in understanding the client needs our firm is doing it with exellence. Ragan Infotech is dedicated to meet these goals with highest of standars but at the same time mainitianing the execellence and professionalism.

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