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Ragan Infotech’s Contractual Staffing Solution

Ragan Infotech’s Contractual Staffing Solution

  • Ragan Infotech’s Contractual staffing is a system of recruiting employees which fulfill our clients need for the short-term basis. This means that our clients hire the employees on contractual basis for a specific time instead of hiring them as permanent employees. One of the most prime objectives for the popularity for this solution is the wide range of flexibility it provides to our client.
  • Ragan Infotech’s are expert in providing the highly qualified individuals for the seasonal contract, short terms contracts or part-time contract and independent contracts as well.
  • Ragan Infotech’s are expert for creating these contracts between companies and individuals or between or companies.
  • Ragan Infotech’s has helped many businesses to have the contract staffing in a strategic pattern so that our clients/businesses can get the maximum profitability. Many businesses have started liking these solutions and now requesting furthermore assistance from our team.
  • Ragan Infotech’s Contractual Solution provides the benefits both ways. Employees get to work more freely more flexibility. And employer gets a highly qualified individual without being on permanent payroll.
  • A contractual staffing can be offered as 6/12/24 Months basis as per the client requirement and can be extended as per the needs.
Kinds of Contractual Staffing Solution Providing
  • Part Time Contract
  • Fixed Term Contract
  • Zero Hour Contract: On Call Basis

Ragan Infotech’s Contractual Staffing Benefits To Companies & Individuals

  • Quick Recruitment
  • Cost & Time Saving Benefit to organization
  • Multi Location Recruitment
  • Lower Employee Risk
  • Higher Specialized Skills at Lower cost
  • Access to Bigger and larger Talent Pool of Individuals
  • Multiple Contracts option like – Short Term/Part Time /Zero Hour etc
  • Much More Employee Flexibility
  • Employee’s opportunity to earn more money and better work experience with variety of companies
  • Lesser workload and better work-life balance
  • Timely Payout to employee with better and Quick Results


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