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Permanent Staffing Solution

Permanent Staffing Solution

  • SparshCorp is one of the leading Staffing agencies in India. SparshCorp provides a full spectrum of staffing services for highly qualified individuals to meet the requirements of small, large-scale companies to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Permanent staffing services are one of the topmost recognized solutions for all small to big organizations. This solution helps organizations to work on major gaps in their manpower demands that normal or temporary staffing cannot meet.
  • SparshCorp Permanent Staffing Service solutions are very much helpful for an organization that needs to fill the gaps in their requirement and acquire top individuals on a full-time basis or change a departing employee.
  • SparshCorp is an International Player in this field with proven experience as a provider of qualified and experienced individuals in staffing varied positions and domains to a variety of organizations as per the requirements through our staffing services. With the help of highly experienced experts who are very well-seasoned in handling any staffing requirements for our clients.
  • One of the major benefits of SparshCorp’s permanent staffing services is that we also take care at later stages as well which is of post-offer follow-up. This way SparshCorp will be there all the time to keep the candidate engaged until they join and make sure the candidate stays loyal to their commitments and continue to win the client's trust.

Why To Choose SparshCorp’s

  • We work closely with our clients as a partner and provide much more strategic staffing solution
  • Giving more than 100% for each of the staffing assignments we have taken for our clients
  • Our solution is industry specific and customized and as per clients requirement
  • Currently working with top brands in India and already delivered many solutions to these brands
  • A Systematic process in place to provide Short & Long terms staffing solutions
  • Proven Record with a systematic process in place for better efficiency and effectiveness
  • Automation involvement in our Recruitment process by which higher value addition is ensured.
  • Transparency in step makes us one of the most trustable partners for your staffing solution/problem
  • Consistency & Agility with much higher service flexibility
  • Only Stop Solution for HR Problems with Superior Quality

Benefits of SparshCorp’s Permanent Staffing Solution

  • Best & High-Class Hiring Quality with Specialists
  • Lower Hiring Expenses and Time Efficient Process
  • Real Time Updates and Tracking
  • Greater Flexibility with Zero or minimal Iteration
  • Lower the administrative Burden
  • Minimal Risk, High Commitment with Greater Satisfaction
  • Great Value Addition & Longer Retain Period

SparshCorp’s Permanent Staffing Recruitment Process

  • Gathering & Understanding Requirements with Client Analysis as per Needs
  • Customized Selection Process
  • Suitable Candidate Selection & Verification: Screening matching resource
  • Client Interview & Candidate Identification
  • Background Verification of experience, Position, References & salary
  • Job Offer Completion & Post offer follow ups


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