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Offshore Development Center

What is ODC – Offshore Development Center

With our ODC solution, we can provide quicker, low cost, more efficient solution to grow your business output and manage your business operations. There is no looking back once you adapt ODC to improve your business process.

SparshCorp ODC is an extended and integrated and specific offshore team which can guide and help other companies which are based in another location/country.

This model is use big time for many businesses process and offering such as software development and maintenance, testing, project management and customer services

SparshCorp ODC model will help IT Companies for design, development and testing of their products

This way our expert team can help companies to deploy their products much quicker while keeping the cost, development time, infrastructure cost to minimum

SparshCorp ODC team will include key individuals such as Account Manager, Project Manager, Designers & Developers, Test Engineers, Usability Engineers, Graphic Designer and few more specialist to make one of a great team to have.

Benefits of Having SparshCorp ODC – Offshore Development Center

  • Reduce Costs in Infrastructure
  • Autoscaling your IT Processes and department
  • Reliable Operations
  • Timely Products Delivery
  • Technical Support and specialist staff
  • Access to Best Individuals and qualified talents
  • Best Technologist with Extended Hours of Work Coverage
  • Business Extensions

Offshore Development Center Best Practices

  • To Explain your company Culture and Values
  • Treat you in house and offshore team as equals
  • Inspire your offshore team
  • Allow Offshore team to be autonomous
  • Include offshore team in your business decisions

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