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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

With the pure objective of Cost reduction and getting best talent, most companies outsource this task. However, these companies have a problem in achieving success out of outsourcing as they fail to engage agencies and prospective employees.

When agencies send new members to an organization, the agency may fail to spot specific personality characteristics that may disturb the harmony within an office’s cultural environment and causes adverse effects on the company by increasing risks for carelessness, leaking data, and industrial espionage. How to implement a safe and smoother recruitment process as the most prominent risks in outsourcing are information security concerns and loss of management control?

At Ragan Infotech, our recruitment team work endlessly for hire the right staff which is very much crucial as they would have a direct contribution in building and shaping the corporate brand and enhance the organizational reputation hence we at Ragan Infotech follow specific process and methodology to make it right for you on very first time attempt.

We Follows below model for our Recruitment Process

Critical Benefits of RPO with Ragan Infotech

  • The larger pool of candidates
  • New skills and ideas brought into the organization
  • Cheaper than training internal candidates
  • Comes as unbiased solution
  • Encourages existing employees to stay competitive in terms of skills development
  • Can address diversity issues


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