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SparshCorp UI/UX Design Services

We need to learn first what exactly is "UI” stands for ?

It is “user interface”. This is associated with growing with better graphics and layout of any platform. UI majorly involves visual elements such as Buttons, Fonts, Layouts, personas, animation and also each single details that makes the mobile application or any website looks more lively and interesting. UI can help the user bring more interest in interacting with application for the end user. A better and simple UI adds more delight and happiness to the user experience of the end user.

Now let’s understand what is UX stands for ?

“UX” stands for “user experience”. It is all about the user’s interaction with the application. It decides the experience of the user –if it is good to carry out each of the required functionality. The UX designer has the priority to make the users feel that they are accomplishing their tasks without any challenges. There is a misconception that UI/UX design is the same. But UI and UX actually focus on two different aspects. The UI design is the approach to product design, on the other hand, UX design is the experience of the product.

Design Stages for UI/UX here usually involves

Discover : Understand Need + User Research & Market Research
  • Define
  • Design
  • Deliver

At SparshCorp we leverage our End-to-End UI/UX Services for our customers web and mobile apps to offer outstanding customer experience. SparshCorp UI/UX solution benefits to the business:

  • Understands and layout the essential factors to build an integrated user experience
  • We build clutter-free, fast loading, fluid and responsive websites for brands to grow their business.
  • Our services are compatible with several platforms such as Android, iOS and also Mobile assets that are responsive to multiple screen sizes.
  • Comprehensive user-testing sessions are used to gather feedback and insights to transform data into actionable items.
  • Our experienced UI/UX engineers design and deliver wireframes to help customers visualize and test features & user flows.
  • We focus on the core principles of UI design and functionality implementation to deliver consistent experience.

SparshCorp Special Design Sprint Consultation Can Help You

  • Understand: To help you to dig into design problem.
  • Diverge: To aim and rapidly develop as many solutions as possible with a given time frame.
  • Prototype: Build something very quickly which can be visible to the users.


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